After my long absence I decided I’d come back with a bang. Now I want to state upfront that I have no problem with prostitution. In fact my position is that I want it decriminalized as soon as possible. The sooner the better. I hold that not only is prostitution good, but that it is vital to the subject of equality of the sexes.


Now that we have that out of the way lets examine the rather offensive question of is your girlfriend a prostitute? Or if you’re a woman in a relationship with a man are you a prostitute? To answer the question we have to ask what exactly is prostitution? Popularly it is defined as the trading of sexual favors for money. And this is where you might start to get uncomfortable. What is money? As we Austrians know money has had many definitions throughout the years.


So that I am not drawing this out unnecessarily lets just cut to the chase. If your a man and you “expect to do the manly thing” of paying for dates. You treat your girlfriend like a whore. As I said before I see nothing wrong with this, but lets be honest and call it like it is. She may be your exclusive whore, but she is still a whore. You are taking her on “dates” and paying for them with the at least implicit expectation that at some point your going to get to have sex with her.

This is one of the greatest problems with heterosexual relationships today, and also why men are opting out of them (relationships not sex). For decades now women have figured out the truth. These types of relationships where “Real men do X” are nothing but toxic cesspools. They create huge power imbalances where women are kept like trophies if they are lucky, or like children if they are not. Now men are starting to figure out it’s not a such a hot deal for them either. Men are kept as cash cows, and sex becomes a tool of women.

This dynamic is also why so many women are against the decriminalization of prostitution. It has nothing to do with “children” or “abused women”, and everything to the fact that a certain kind of woman looses a huge amount of power. When sex stops being held as a weapon men and women are able to have genuine relationships. Take it from a queer. The reason why straight women love gay guys is because we treat them like people not children.

Here’s the ultimate test to see what you really feel and believe about women and how they should be treated. “What if she didn’t have tits?”. If she were a he would you let her make you pay for all your outings? Would you let her hit you without hitting her back? Would you treat her the same if she behaved like… If she talked to you like… and on and on.

“Oh but gentlemen… and so forth. I like being treated like that, and doing those things and so on.” you say. Okay fine. No problem. Not a single problem here. So what your saying you want is an exclusive whore. I’m okay with that, but lets call it what it is.